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Golf Shot


Individual Training  (7th Grades - Adult)

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Golf Evaluation/Assessment 

Golf Swing Evaluation and Assessment: 2 Hrs. – $250 
Complete swing movement assessment, physical movement evaluation, personalized program, introductory workout, and 1 follow-up session
(Re-testing of previously assessed clients- $200)

Athletic Assessment:

1 Hr.– $100
Full physical movement assessment, personalized program, and intro workout.

Contact us to set up your Evaluation / Assessment TODAY!

Golf Iron

Individual Strength Training

Training Focus -  Individual/Group:
Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility & Endurance! Strength & Endurance training is the key to finding a repeatable swing that performs under pressure!

Individual Training: $85.00
Please note an Athletic Assessment must be scheduled prior to any individual training session.

3 Month Training Package: *10% Off

1 x per week: $918.00
12 sessions

2 x per week - $1836.00

24 sessions

Contact us to set up your Individual Training Session TODAY!

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